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Frequently asked questions

How do I book an appointment?

We are so happy you would like to book with us ! Sweet Appalachia Tattoo is a private, appointment only studio. Jacki opens her books every 3 months. Due to high demand each booking period Jacki is unable to accommodate all clients who submit a consult request. booking opening times are listed below

Spring booking - JANUARY 10th at 5 pm.
Summer booking - APRIL 10th at 5 pm.
Fall  booking - JULY 10th at 5 pm.
Winter booking-
 OCTOBER 10th at 5 pm.

When our booking goes live, we make all announcements through instagram and our mailing list . Please sign up for our current mailing list to be alerted when booking goes live.

Are there multiple artist?

Sweet Appalachia Tattoo is a single artist private studio. having a solo artist allows us to offer you a one on one experience and keep a calm environment. Learn more about the Owner/Artist Jacki Lemon 


Do you offer walk-ins?

We do not offer walk-in tattoos. If we have open availability in-between booking periods we post about openings on Instagram.

Sweet Appalachia Tattoo is closed to the public, clients with appointments are only allowed inside at this time.

Tattoo designing process

Jacki offers custom tattoos, she prefers to draw all tattoos as original designs. She does ask for reference to get an idea of what you want to base your idea on. During your consult she will go over the details of placement, and style. She does not send out artwork before appointments, however she budgets in time if the artwork needs to be adjusted. 

Jacki specialize in several styles of tattooing.

  • blackwork illustrations

  • botanical designs

  • pet portraits

  • bold color work

  • anime

these types of designs will be given preference in the booking process. please visit our portfolio to see examples of styles. 

there are certain types of tattoos jacki does not take on at this time. ( ie. very small, lettering, photo realism ) 


Pricing and Payment 

Tattoo pricing depends on the subject matter, how large, and where the design is going on the body. Jacki is always open to working with budgets if you have one. your budget will be asked in the consultation form. we do have $200 dollar minimum.

One session tattoos are priced by the piece, as of Jan 2023 Hourly set price for session work is $200.  Fullday set price $1000  

we accept payment via Square (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Cashapp, Applepay, Googlepay) cash is not preferred but still accepted.

A non refundable $100 deposit is required to secure all appointments, here is our deposit policy 

Before your appointment 

Please make sure you follow our current Shop Protocol

It is always best to be well rested and clean. Make sure that you eat before your appointment, feel free to bring a snack and a drink, we keep bottled water available for clients.

Make sure you wear something comfortable and easy to access the area you want tattooed ( sweats, tank tops, comfortable teeshirts etc.) for back tattoos a button up shirt is great to wear for accessibility and coverage. 

 New clothing is not advised as tattoo pigment can ruin clothing and cannot be washed out. 

we have a complete list of aftercare instructions 

all clients are given an aftercare package to maintain their new tattoo and keep the guess work out of what products work best.

If you have any additional questions before your appointment, please reach out to Jacki via email. 

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